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Are you recycling enough?

02/24 10:00

How good are you at recycling? And why should you do it? Well, despite being one of the top recyclers in the world, the amount of waste generated by Taiwanese people has actually barely dropped in the past two decades. The island’s residents generate about 7.5 million metric tons of garbage each year, and the amount has decreased by only 1 percent annually. That makes it all the more important to reduce the use of disposable products like plastic bottles, bags and straws, and recycle the products we have mistakenly used. Taiwan’s recycling whiz Arthur Huang, CEO of Taiwanese company Miniwiz, told CNA recently about the vast amount of material that can be recycled and turned into useful products. He says recycling has been a part of mankind; our ancestors did it! But we’ve become very wasteful over the past few decades. However, we can’t afford to be like that anymore. Hear how his 15-year-old company, which started with just one person, has been turning trash into practically everything usable.

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