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Two Taiwan men arrested in Thailand over telecoms fraud

2018/01/12 22:48:42

Photo courtesy of the Thai police

Bangkok, Jan. 12 (CNA) Two Taiwanese men were arrested by Thai police Wednesday on suspicion of serving as money mules for a telecommunications fraud ring, according to Taiwan's representative office in Thailand.

The two men, identified only by their family names of Lee and Kao, were arrested by Thai police near an ATM in Kanchanaburi Province, the office said, and the police also seized four debit cards issued by Thai banks and 700,000 baht (US$21,890) in cash.

An initial police investigation of the two suspects found that they have no criminal record.

Lee and Kao claimed that they were lured into serving as money mules when they were looking for jobs in Taiwan by a man who said they could make easy money by going abroad.

All they had to do, the man told them, was to withdraw cash in Thailand and make money off the difference in exchange rates in the transaction.

Taiwan's representative office said it will continue to investigate the case in cooperation with Thai police to track down the people behind the criminal activity.

It also warned Taiwanese nationals not to commit similar crimes in Thailand because they will face a jail term of at least 7 years to 10 years, a stiffer punishment than in the past.

A total of three Taiwanese nationals acting as money mules for fraud rings have been arrested in Thailand by local police since the beginning of the year, the office said.

(By Liu Te-chan and Flor Wang)