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Nationwide walk to be held to promote family values

2012/04/10 16:39:22

Taipei, April 10 (CNA) A local charity organization announced Tuesday that a nationwide walk will be held at the end of the month to promote the important values of marriage and family.

"Family is the core of a harmonized society," World Vision Taiwan President Tu Ming-han said at a press conference held with a group of scholars, pastors and businessmen.

Citing the increasing number of child abuse cases and divorced couples over the past years, Tu said that Taiwan as a society needs to learn how to maintain and sustain healthy and happy families.

In 2011, 57,000 couples filed for divorce and there were 17,667 cases of child abuse, according to a press statement released by the organization.

"Happiness does not come around by luck. It is a lesson to be learned," Tu said.

Many disputes could easily be solved if individuals involved understood how to communicate love, he added.

Huang Nei-yuh, a professor at National Taiwan Normal University's Department of Human Development and Family Studies, noted the nation's decreasing birth rate and antipathy toward marriage.

"A lot of people drive down the road of marriage without a license," said Huang, who urged young couples to understand more about the essence of tying the knot before walking down the aisle.

John Hsu, a senior official from President Starbucks Coffee Corp., said that, for him, home is a shelter that provides comfort and support whenever challenges arise.

He added that the secret to keeping a long-lasting marriage lies in trust and communication.

The nationwide walk will take place April 29 in eight locations around the island.

(By Nancy Liu)