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New envoy to Japan vows to improve bilateral relations

2012/05/30 21:02:38

Tokyo, May 30 (CNA) Taiwan's new envoy to Japan, Shen Ssu-tsun, said Wednesday at Tokyo's Haneda Airport that he will do his best to help negotiate more economic and cultural cooperation between Taiwan and Japan.

Bilateral relations between Taiwan and Japan are already good, but there is more that can be done to improve ties further, Shen told Taiwanese expatriates, representatives from the Japan Interchange Association and reporters who welcomed him at the airport as he arrived to take up his new post.

The Interchange Association is an agency set up by the Japanese government to handle exchanges with Taiwan in the absence of formal diplomatic relations between the two sides.

Shen told CNA that the country's former envoy to Japan, John Feng, laid significant groundwork for him during his past three-and-a-half years in the job, including establishing a representative office in Sapporo and overseeing the signing of a Taiwan-Japan Investment Pact.

Shen said he will continue to build upon Feng's legacy.

(By Yang Ming-chu and Ann Chen)