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American donates Qing dynasty embroidery to museum in Chiayi

2017/10/20 18:04:47

Wang Ju-ching (王如經, right)

Taipei, Oct. 20 (CNA) A three-clawed dragon silk embroidery from the Qing dynasty has been donated to the Puzi Embroidery Culture Museum in Chiayi County by an American, the mayor of Puzi said Friday.

The embroidery of a silver dragon with golden eyes and claws on a light green background, measuring 23 inches long and 20 inches wide, was received by Puzi Mayor Wang Ju-ching (王如經) on behalf of the museum at a ceremony at the city office on Friday.

Wang said it was the first time the museum has received a donation to its collection from overseas.

The donor, Nevada resident Stephen J. Pisturino, was not present at the ceremony, but said by telephone that the embroidery was given to him as a gift by a native Indian arts teacher, according to Wang.

The arts teacher told Pisturino that the original owner was an imperial concubine from China, while an antiques expert told him the embroidery was made in Hunan, China, around 1880, Wang said.

The expert also told Pisturino that the dragon in the embroidery had three claws, and if the dragon had five claws it would have meant it belonged to the emperor, Wang added.

The Puzi Embroidery Culture Museum in Chiayi County stores the records of the city's embroidery industry and holds a vast collection of elaborate embroidery art, according to the county's Culture and Tourism Bureau website.

(By Chiang Chun-liang and William Yen)