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After 65 years, The China Post goes paperless

2017/05/15 23:35

Taipei, May 15 (CNA) The China Post, one of two English-language newspapers in Taiwan, published its last printed edition Monday, bidding goodbye to its paper readers after 65 years and welcoming them to join it on the next journey on-line , whose destination remains unchanged: the truth.

"This isn't goodbye," said the newspaper on the front-page of its goodbye edition, recalling the news industry's development since 1952, when the word "computer" referred mostly to a person who made calculations and Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the world wide web, had yet to be born.

The China Post said it has witnessed the postwar age of relative peace and prosperity when democracy, law and order seem to be on their way to becoming the norms in "the end of history."

But the threat of disorder as a result of discrimination and disinformation still lurks, it said. "Fake news, alternative facts and neatly packaged lies proliferate in the Wild West of new media -- with severe consequences," it added.

News organizations are rallying support to fight the "post-truth" challenge, it said, vowing to keep going on the journey for the truth.

The daily, first printed in 1952, was transformed into a digital news platform, the first step in the transformation of the veteran newspaper in the digital era.

The digital news platform will cooperate with other media outlets to offer users news reports and videos from a wide range of sources.

The China Post is the second English-language newspaper in Taiwan to go paperless, following Taiwan News, which published the last printed edition of its newspaper on Feb. 28, 2015, adopting an all-digital format.

The Taipei Times is now the only English newspaper to sell a print version in Taiwan.

(By S.C. Chang and Elizabeth Hsu) ENDITEM/