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LED tablet applications forecast to drive backlight market

2013/09/28 20:47:08

Taipei, Sept. 28 (CNA) With its growing popularity worldwide, tablet computers will likely continue to drive the light-emitting diode (LED) backlight market, according to a Taipei-based market information advisory firm.

"Although the future growth of tablet computers are waning, they still have considerable room for growth compared to other information technology products," LEDinside said in a recent note.

Affected by the traditional off-peak season and high inventory levels, global tablet shipments were lower than estimations in the third quarter of the year, LEDinside said.

Annual tablet shipment projections were lowered to 196 million units, and annual shipment growth rates were down from earlier estimates this year of 33.6 percent to 31.1 percent, it added.

Meanwhile, the LED-backlit TV market penetration rate was saturated, reaching 95 percent by the end of 2013, the company forecasted.

That and a slow down in TV sales caused the LED-backlit TV market value to slump for the first time in 2014, according to LEDinside.

(By James Lee)