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DPP's Tsai may not decide her running mate until October

2011/08/23 22:40:08

Taipei, Aug. 23 (CNA) Tsai Ing-wen, the presidential candidate of the largest opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), might not reveal her running mate until October despite initially promising to announce the candidate by the end of this month.

Several DPP lawmakers said Tuesday that they have proposed to postpone the announcement from the scheduled Aug. 28, when the DPP will open its national congress, to some time in October.

Legislator Yeh Yi-jin said the timing of the announcement is not important.

"It is more vital to have a running mate who can add additional points" to Tsai's campaign, she said.

Tsai has said that she wants a running mate who can expand the DPP's territory. The remarks raised speculation that Tsai might want to have a non-DPP member be her partner in the 2012 presidential election, which is scheduled to be held on Jan. 14.

There have also been speculation that Tsai is having trouble getting someone to run with her.

Earlier in the day, the DPP revealed that after publicizing her 10-year political guidelines on Aug. 16-23, Tsai will release an overarching policy white paper at the end of September.

The main framework of the white paper will be from the 10-year political guidelines, but there will be detailed elaborations and contents, according to the DPP.

(By Lin Shen-hsu and Elizabeth Hsu)