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DPP gears up to fend off Chinese infiltration

2019/07/17 21:20:32

DPP spokeswoman Lee Yen-jong

Taipei, July 17 (CNA) The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said Wednesday that it will hold a series of events across Taiwan to ward off Chinese infiltration into Taiwanese society, especially on campuses, starting in August.

From next month, the DPP will sponsor various sessions with rank-and-file throughout the country to examine China's tactics on infiltration into Taiwanese society, DPP spokeswoman Lee Yen-jong (李晏榕) cited party Chairman Cho Jung-tai (卓榮泰) as saying following a Central Standing Committee meeting.

During the meeting, Edwin Yang (楊聰榮), an associate professor at National Taiwan Normal University and an expert on Asian history, gave a keynote speech on how to prevent China's infiltration of Taiwan's higher education institutions.

Due to Taiwan's geographic proximity to China and its strategic importance, the island stands at the front of China's infiltration campaign -- a vital reason why Taiwan must maintain stringent vigilance against China's intangible expansion and build an aggressive mechanism to counter its offensive, Cho was quoted by Lee as saying.

According to Cho, China has spared no efforts to expand its influence in Taiwan, in particular on school campuses, since the two sides of the Taiwan Strait started private-sector exchanges in 1987.

In name of cultural exchanges, China uses a large amount of resources to develop its organizations on Taiwan-based college and university campuses, with the aim of eliminating views and comments that challenge China's claim of sovereignty over Taiwan, Cho said.

In the face of such Chinese aggression, Taiwan must build a defense mechanism based on its democratic system to fortify its democracy and freedom by stepping up collaboration between the government and academic sectors and helping students cultivate a broader international perspective, he said.

As the January presidential election approaches and at a time when some foreign-based forces have been attempting to erode Taiwan's democracy by taking advantage of its democratic system, the local society is facing a massive challenge, he continued.

To further cement the country's democratic foundation and forge a national consensus on democratic values, the DPP therefore will sponsor a series of events to explain the situation to the public and kick-start its mechanism for defending the country's hard-earned democracy, Cho said.

The venues and dates of these events were not disclosed by the DPP.

(By Flor Wang and Yeh Su-ping)