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DPP's Tsai maintains double digit lead in presidential race: poll

2015/11/28 20:27:14

Democratic Progressive Party Chairwoman and presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文, front row, left)

Taipei, Nov. 28 (CNA) Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairwoman and presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) continues to hold a commanding lead over her opponents, in the countdown to Taiwan's three-way presidential race on Jan. 16, according to the latest public opinion poll released Saturday.

The United Daily News poll showed 46 percent support for Tsai and her running mate Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁), 19 percent for the ruling Kuomintang's (KMT's) Eric Chu (朱立倫) and Wang Ju-hsuan (王如玄), and 9 percent for James Soong (宋楚瑜) of the People First Party (PFP) and his running mate Hsu Hsin-ying (徐欣瑩).

Some 27 percent of the electorate is still undecided or do not have an opinion on the issue, according to the poll.

It showed that 64 percent of people in Taiwan think Tsai will win the election, while 8 percent believe Chu will win, and 2 percent see Soong as the winner.

Among pan-blue supporters -- those who back the KMT and its allies -- only 55 percent said they will vote for the Chu-Wang ticket, while around 30 percent are planning to vote for the other two pairs, the poll found.

Meanwhile, 90 percent of pan-green supporters -- those who are aligned with the DPP and its allies- - will cast their ballots for the Tsai-Chen ticket, according to the poll.

The Tsai-Chen ticket is also the most popular among independent voters, with 33 percent support, compared with less than 10 percent for each of the other two contesting pairs of candidates.

Support for the DPP candidates is higher among all age groups, according the poll. For example in the 20-39 age category, the DPP has 54 percent support against 14 percent for the KMT, and in the 40-59 group, the DPP has 43 percent support compared with 22 percent for the KMT, the poll showed.

In the legislative election, which will also be held Jan. 16, the DPP is leading the KMT 35 percent to 25 percent in the party votes for at-large legislative seats, according to the poll.

Support for the PFP and New Power Party is 5 percent and 2 percent, respectively, it showed.

The New Party, Taiwan Solidarity Union, Minkuotang, Green Party and Social Democratic Party Coalition, and Faith and Hope League, meanwhile, are polling at around 1 percent each in that category.

In the district legislator race, the poll showed 30 percent support for the DPP and 25 percent for the KMT, while the PFP, New Power Party, New Party, Green Party and Social Democratic Party Coalition, and independents each have around 1 percent support.

Taiwanese voters will elect their 14th-term president and vice president, as well as members of the 9th Legislative Yuan, in the Jan. 16 general election next year.

Despite her strong lead in all the polls, Tsai said Saturday that there is no such thing as a given victory.

"The only votes that count are those cast" on election day, she said.

A bigger challenge will await her if she is elected, Tsai said.

She said she is ready to push for reforms in politics, government efficiency and the Legislative Yuan, and handle problems associated with the KMT's assets.

Chu, meanwhile, called for unity among all KMT party members and supporters.

He appealed to people who value cross-strait peace, economic development and social stability to vote for the KMT.

The poll was conducted on the evening of Nov. 27, the final day of registration for the elections, and collected 850 effective samples from adults around Taiwan. It had a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points and a confidence level of 95 percent.

(By Yeh Su-ping, Huang Hui-min and Christie Chen)