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Taiwan promoting its solar glass on global market

2018/10/17 21:17:34

Taipei, Oct. 17 (CNA) Taiwan is taking steps to launch a heat insulation solar glass (HISG) product, which it developed, in the global market, including in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) said Wednesday.

HISG is a transparent material capable of blocking 80 percent of heat penetration, while at the same time generating electricity from solar energy, according to the team of inventors, which was led by Young Chin-huai (楊锦懷), a distinguished professor at NTUST's Department of Civil and Construction Engineering.

Last November, the invention won the top prize in an innovative business award presented by the city government in Fukuoka, Japan, which propelled HISG into the Japanese market, the department's head Yang I-tung (楊亦東) said at a press conference Wednesday.

In addition, HSIG will be used by Premier Inn, a U.K. hotel chain that is the largest hotel brand in the country, in a project to improve energy efficiency at its hotels, Yang said.

Also in the U.K., Young and his NTUST team have built a demonstration HISG cubicle at the University of Nottingham, with the assistance of Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology, with the goal of launching the product in the wider European market, Yang said.

Also, he went on, a similar demo cubicle has been built at the UAE's Al Maktoum International Airport, which opened in 2013 and is under expansion with the aim of becoming the world's largest gateway.

In a laboratory environment, HISG can help maintain the indoor temperature at a comfortable 26 degrees Celsius, even while the outdoor temperature is 40 degrees, and is resistant to typhoon-force winds, according to the developers.

(By Chu Tze-wei and Elizabeth Hsu)