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Taipei teams up with Tesla to foster new startups

2018/10/19 22:29:48

Taipei Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong (林欽榮) / CNA file photo

Taipei, Oct. 19 (CNA) Taipei has teamed up with electric vehicle maker Tesla, Inc. to build a "new creative energy base" that formally opened in the city Friday, with one new startup already based there.

The 1.46-hectare base located in Neihu District was formerly a bus repair depot and was provided by the city government to help foster new startups, Taipei Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong (林欽榮) said at a news conference.

Lin said the base, which has enough space for eight more startups, will house new companies focusing on new energy, new high-tech and energy-saving technologies.

Tesla, a United States-based electric vehicle and energy company, moved into the base in August and has since built a new creative energy exhibition park, an electric vehicle (EV) experience center, and workshops in which college and university students can gain hands-on training, according to Lin.

In the future, energy-related technologies and services explored by companies in the base will be first provided to Tesla, Lin said, adding that the new startup already there has begun working with Tesla on exploring electricity charging technology and equipment.

(By Liu Chien-pang and Flor Wang)