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Southern branch of National Palace Museum opens Muslim prayer room

2017/12/21 20:14:54

National Palace Museum Deputy Director Lee Ching-hwi (李靜慧, third left)

Taipei, Dec. 21 (CNA) The National Palace Museum's (NPM) southern branch in Chiayi County inaugurated the first Muslim prayer room in a Taiwan museum on Thursday in an effort to accommodate Muslim visitors.

According to NPM Deputy Director Lee Ching-hwi (李靜慧), the room contains a Quran and a prayer rug, two items essential to the Muslim prayer ritual.

The NPM's Chiayi branch has also installed showers in its bathrooms and placed bilingual signs on the premises to accommodate Muslim visitors.

In an effort to raise awareness of Islamic culture, the NPM in Chiayi is hosting a "Muslim Culture Day" on Dec. 24 which will feature an immigrant workers' band from Indonesia, exotic foods from South and Southeast Asia and art from the exhibition "Heavenly Crafted from Hindustan--A Special Exhibition of Exquisite South Asian Jades."

(By Huang Guo-fang and Kuan-lin Liu)