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Designer from Taiwan wins 2018 World Illustration Award

2018/06/11 21:24:49

Wu Chen (吳箏, right); Photo courtesy of Wu Chen

Taipei, June 11 (CNA) Taiwanese visual designer Wu Chen (吳箏) has been honored as the top "New Talent" in the editorial category at the 2018 World Illustration Awards.

Wu earned the honor at the London-based awards for his work "Eggs" comprised of five interesting yet philosophical illustrations about eggs.

Eggs symbolize infinite possibilities in ordinary daily life, the winning artist said, because the space enclosed in their rounded white eggshells before hatching inspires the imagination of people, especially "the imagination of the future and unknown."

One of Wu's illustrations designed to trigger people's imagination features an egg walking on a cable.

"I hope that when adults and children see eggs, it won't be just as a basic food. They can have different ideas and opinions about eggs," he said.

It took Wu a month to complete his award-winning series in 2017 that was originally done for a food magazine but was rejected, he said in an interview with CNA.

Despite the rejection, Wu's talent has been recognized. He was among the winners of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards in 2016 with a series of illustrations called "Silent City."

"Design can change the lives of people," Wu said, hoping he can get more Taiwanese in the future to accept the culture of design and experience the joy that it brings.

A total of 3,300 entries from 75 countries were submitted to this year's awards competition, an increase of more than 1,000 entries from last year.

(By Sabine Cheng and Hsu Hsiao-ling)