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Typhoon Fanapi's arrival sends vegetable prices lower

2010/09/19 16:19:19

Taipei, Sept. 19 (CNA) The average wholesale price for vegetablesfell 15 percent Sunday from a day earlier because of a surge insupply after farmers rushed to harvest their crops before the arrivalof Typhoon Fanapi, the Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corp.(TAPMC) said Sunday.

A total of 2,155 tons of vegetables were sold at the Taipei CityFruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market Sunday at an average price ofNT$28.6 per kilogram, after 1,769 tons were sold Saturday at anaverage price of NT$33.5 per kilo, the company reported.

Scared that the approaching typhoon would destroy their crops,farmers apparently harvested what they could Saturday and drove upsupply at the wholesale market, the company indicated.

The prices of some premium vegetables, however, still exceededNT$100 per kilo, with sweet peppers at NT$105 per kilo, green beansat NT$130 per kilo, baby corn at NT$100 per kilo, Chinese leeks atNT$107 per kilo, garlic at NT$135 per kilo, and asparagus at NT$260per kilo, according to the company.

Meanwhile, sales of fruit at the market fell Sunday but the priceremained relatively stable.

A total of 638 tons of fruit were sold at an average price ofNT$30.8 per kilo Sunday, compared to 894 kilos sold at an averageprice of NT$30.84 per kilo Saturday.

The prices of most types of fruit were down Sunday because of lowdemand amid the stormy weather. Many fruit vendors in Taipei wereclosed Sunday morning.

(By Lin Shen-hsu and Y.L. Kao)