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Beijing officials call for exchange of media offices with Taiwan

2013/12/22 15:00:11

Beijing, Dec. 22 (CNA) The establishment of reciprocal media offices in Taiwan and China will contribute to peaceful development between the two sides and should be done as soon as possible, a Beijing official said Sunday.

Zhang Zhijun, the director of Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council, told a forum organized by Beijing's CCTV for Chinese and Taiwanese media that Beijing is more than willing to speed such exchanges, adding that he hopes Taipei would match Beijing's efforts.

He added that peaceful development across the Taiwan Strait needs to be consolidated, and unbiased news reports about the development of Taiwan and China, as well as reports promoting the idea of "we are a family" who are part of the same culture, will help Beijing and Taipei strengthen the bonds between them, while respecting each other's differences.

Additionally, Nie Chenxi, the deputy chief of Beijing's General Administration of Press, Publication and Broadcasting, said China attaches great importance to the unique and instrumental role the media plays in shaping cross-strait ties and encourages exchanges between Chinese and Taiwanese media.

CCTV chief Hu Zhanfan told the forum that the establishment of reciprocal media offices is necessary in light of the frequent media exchanges between Taiwan and China, he also called for regular working visits by media staff members of the two sides.

The forum sought to address issues arising from the media exchanges between Taiwan and China and brought together more than 70 representatives from the two sides, including Taipei's CNA Chairman Chen Kuo-hsiang.

(By Chou Hui-ying and Maubo Chang)