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Agricultural losses from typhoon exceed US$65.27 million

2010/09/20 22:59:05

Taipei, Sept. 20 (CNA) Mounting losses suffered by theagricultural sector and related facilities caused by Typhoon Fanapihave reached an estimated NT$2.12 billion (US$65.27 million) ,according to the Council of Agriculture Monday.

The strong winds and heavy rainfall brought by Typhoon Fanapibattered fruit-growing areas in southern Taiwan, damaging NT$1.63billion (US$50.18 million) worth of agricultural crops, and affectinga total of 23,470 hectares of agricultural land, according to thelatest estimate from the council.

Banana crops suffered the biggest blow, followed by wax apples,papayas, dates and guavas, said the council.

Damage to forest products was estimated at NT$21.62 million,while livestock losses were estimated at NT$68.27 million, with morethan 8,000 pigs and 533,000 chickens killed, the council said.

In addition, with as many as 188 hectares of breeding ponds INKaohsiung affected, aquaculture losses totaled NT$167.29million, while the cost of damage to agricultural facilities hitNT$217.46 million, with Pingtung County being the worst-hit area,according to council estimates.

Other costs of the storm included NT$10.06 million in damage tolivestock facilities, NT$11.59 million in damage to fisheryfacilities and NT$160,000 in lost farmland, figures from the councilshowed.

(By Lin Shu-yuan and Christie Chen)