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New medical smartphone app helps manage wounds: NTUH

2019/03/14 13:02:14

Taipei, March 14 (CNA) A newly developed medical smartphone app that can inform the user of various different conditions of a flesh wound by taking a photo is now free for download, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) said Wednesday.

The app, named AI_SWAS, has been jointly developed by National Taiwan University and NTUH and is capable of determining if a wound is red, swollen, necrotic or infected from photographic images, with 90 percent accuracy, according to NTUH.

Tai Hao-chih (戴浩志), NTUH's Center for Human Appearance director, said the app, which took three years to develop, took 131 photos of wounds from 46 patients for its database, while professional advice was provided by doctors.

With the development of the app, patients can now take photos of their wounds every day for AI_SWAS to determine if they are just red, swollen, have necrotic tissue or if they are infected, Tai said.

In addition, doctors can give advice via the app, he said.

NTUH Secretary Lai Fei-pei (賴飛羆) said the app was devised because they originally wanted to design a system for remote medical management by allowing patients who have undergone surgery to go home with a tool that that can help them manage their wounds.

The app is free for download on Android systems and is currently being developed for iOS systems, Tai noted.

(By Chang Ming-hsuan and William Yen)