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Strong earthquake hits southern Taiwan, trapping residents

2016/02/06 06:14:10

Feb. 14:

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 14:

Feb. 13:
●Tainan Mayor Lai Ching-te said in 4:20 p.m. briefing that rescue works were to cease as bodies of all people believed to be trapped in collapsed Weiguan Jinlong building have been recovered. Death toll stood at 116.

Total fatalities of Feb. 6 earthquake: 116
Board members of fatal apartment builder to be detained: mayor
Remains of last unaccounted-for quake victim found
Post-quake reconstruction to begin with working meeting Sunday

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 13:

Feb. 12:
Science park in Tainan mostly unscathed after quake
Tainan water supply back to normal Friday evening: ministry
Tainan mayor thanks Pope for earthquake condolences
Ma, Tsai attend memorial ceremony for earthquake victims

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 12:

Feb. 11:
Taiwan thanks U.S. for earthquake donations
Developer of collapsed building owns at least 30 plots of land
Rain in Tainan as 62 unaccounted for after quake
President-elect prays for Taiwan after fatal earthquake

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 11:

Feb. 10:
UN secretary-general offers condolences to quake victims in Taiwan
Tainan identifies 50 buildings as dangerous after quake
Earthquake has caused NT$169 million agricultural losses
94 remain missing in Tainan quake rubble, including 21 children

[Photo courtesy of the Taoyuan City Fire Department]]

Altered structure may have caused Tainan building disaster: victim
Each quake victim's family to get NT$1 million: premier
Ma thanks soldiers assisting in earthquake relief work

South Korea pledges donation for Taiwan quake relief efforts
Flags to fly at half-mast to mourn quake victims
Developers of collapsed building detained

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 10:

Feb. 9:
More condolences pour in over Tainan earthquake

Political unity shown in support for rescue efforts in Tainan
Taiwan thanks China for donation, offer for help

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 9:

Feb. 8:
68 aftershocks recorded after major earthquake
8-year-old girl, Vietnamese woman rescued from debris 60 hours after quake

[Heavy machinery is deployed to digging through the rubble Monday]

President Ma pledges sustained support for earthquake rescue
Taiwan thanks Japan, U.S. for earthquake donations
Trapped man rescued 56 hours after building collapse

[In the early hours of Monday]

Building check, urban renewal to be new government's priority: Tsai
President-elect Tsai Ing-wen visits quake-struck Tainan
Rescuers pull out another survivor from quake rubble in Tainan

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 8:

Feb. 7:

[Firemen in Tainan have makeshift Lunar New Year's Eve meal by the site of a collapsed building.]

Earthquake damage can be prevented: president
Rescuers free lucky few from earthquake rubble

●Video report:

Taiwan's high-speed rail resumes normal operations after earthquake
'Site effect' played major role in quake's destructive power: experts

Oil cans may not be at fault in Tainan building collapse: engineer
Japan, China send teams to join Taiwan's quake rescue efforts
U.S. State Department, lawmakers send condolences over Taiwan quake

Front pages of local newspapers Feb. 7:

●Rescuers begin digging into collapsed building early Sunday

Madonna sends condolences to those affected by Taiwan quake

Feb. 6:
14 killed, 484 injured, 153 unaccounted for after quake
Quake death toll climbs to 14; rescue work continues in Tainan

[Saturday evening]

Donations flow in from NGOs, business sector for quake relief
Japan sends evaluation team to Taiwan in wake of earthquake
China's Red Cross pledges 2m yuan to Taiwan's quake relief efforts

[Saturday evening]

Donations pour in from celebrities after southern Taiwan quake
Taipei 101 to light up in tribute to quake victims
KMT's Chu, DPP pledge donations for quake relief

TSMC rushing to restore full production in Tainan after quake
Japan offers assistance in wake of deadly Taiwan quake
1999 quake survivor rescued from toppled building in Taiwan temblor

[A man tries to reach people trapped in the collapsed building through mobile phone]

Facebook activates Safety Check for people in Taiwan quake
AIT voices concern over Tainan quake
President-elect, political parties donate to quake relief

Investigation into deadly building collapse to be launched
China's TAO offers to help with Taiwan's quake relief efforts
No major industrial damage in southern Taiwan earthquake

Yulon Group donates NT$10 million to help Tainan quake victims
Earthquake paralyzes high-speed rail in southern Taiwan
Military, rescuers respond to quake disaster in southern Taiwan

President wants all-out efforts in earthquake rescue
More than 120 rescued in toppled building in Tainan

Taipei, Feb. 6 (CNA) A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck southern Taiwan at 03:57 a.m. Saturday, toppling multiple buildings in Tainan City, including a 16-story residential building with possibly hundreds of people trapped inside, authorities and witnesses said.

Police and emergency workers were fighting to rescue people from some households in the building, most of which was left lying on its side after the earthquake, in Yongkang District in southern Tainan.

Many residents in central and southern Taiwan said they felt tremors reminiscent of the magnitude 7.3 earthquake in 1999, which left more than 2,400 people dead.

The earthquake's epicenter was located in Meinong District, Kaohsiung City, at a depth of 17 kilometers, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

The strongest tremors, which had an intensity reading of 6 on a 0-7 seismic scale, were felt in Yunlin County, the bureau said.

Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Tainan and Chiayi had an intensity of 5 while Taitung, Penghu, Changhua, Nantou and Taichung had 4.

Strong aftershocks, which were centered in Tainan, were felt minutes after the initial tremor.

There were reports of people being injured after being hit by fallen debris. One man in Yunlin reportedly broke his foot when trying to jump to safety from a second-floor window.

(By Jay Chen)

Collapsed buildings reported in Tainan.