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Students stranded on Ferris wheel in Kaohsiung

2015/02/08 20:57:02

Taipei, Feb. 8 (CNA) Two college students visiting Kaohsiung's Dream Mall were stranded on a Ferris wheel late Saturday night and had to dial 119 to be let off.

The incident occurred after the ride's operators clocked out for the night before checking to see that all passengers had been let off.

After calling 119, the students used the LED flashbulbs on their smartphones to show firemen their positions on the ride.

Because power was shut off for the night, mall staff had to manually rotate the Ferris wheel until the passenger cabin carrying the two students reached ground level.

Mall staff acknowledged that its Ferris wheel operators had failed to vacate all patrons before shutting down for the night, and pledged that training will be improved.

To compensate the two students, the mall provided them with a late night meal, cab fare back to their hotel room, and five complimentary movie tickets each.

The two college students seemed not to be in the least bit unnerved by their unusual adventure, describing it as "a lot of fun."

(By Cheng Che-fon and Ted Chen)