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Students' association calls for 'strike' to support protests

2014/03/24 04:59:09

Taipei, March 24 (CNA) The students' association at National Taiwan University called for a "strike" from classes nationwide in a show of opposition to the strong-handed tactics taken by police against protesters early Monday, many of whom are students.

"The government not only failed to respond to the public's demands but also took inappropriate measures to attack students, violently suppress, hurt the country's substantial backbone, and trample on basic human rights," the association at Taiwan's top college said about the crack-down on protesters who broke into and occupied the Executive Yuan Sunday night.

The statement called for a "strike" on four fronts: putting classes on hold so that students can join protests; continuing to teach classes on-site at the protests; teacher support for students' decision to protest; and leniency on students who choose to participate.

Over 10 student groups and clubs have signed an online petition to support the appeal.

The Ministry of Education offered a stern response, calling the move "the absolutely wrong way" to approach the protests. The strike would cause more social unrest amid massive protests, it said, warning that any students who chose to do so will face punishment under his or her respective school's rules.

The ministry urged teachers to respect students' right to receive education and not to cancel class on a whim.

(By Chen Chi-chung and James Lee)

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