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Premier pledges better communication of policies to public

2012/05/21 19:48:33

Taipei, May 21 (CNA) The new Cabinet will better communicate its policies to people using layman's terms they are able to understand, a Cabinet spokesman cited Premier Sean Chen as saying Monday, the day after it was sworn in amid public dissatisfaction over recent policies.

According to Executive Yuan spokesman Hu Yu-wei, Chen encouraged Cabinet members not to be dispirited in the face of criticism and proposed three measures for the Cabinet to adopt as it enters a "full communication era."

First of all, Cabinet members must try to understand public feeling and speak in plain language when explaining their policies, Chen was quoted as saying during an extended meeting with Cabinet members.

Secondly, Cabinet members were told to come forward promptly and clarify the situation whenever policy details are misconstrued in any sense to avoid further spread of misunderstanding, the spokesman stated.

Furthermore, the premier also instructed the Cabinet to establish a highly responsive, interactive system to relay information to the Cabinet's spokesmen, Hu said.

However, Hu said Chen did not give orders pertaining to several controversial issues, such as a capital gains tax on stock investment and a no-confidence motion against himself that opposition parties are planning to propose.

Ma and the new Cabinet took office Sunday amid public concern over rising living costs caused by recent utility rate hikes, the planned new stock tax and the intention to lift a ban on U.S. beef imports containing the leanness-enhancing feed additive ractopamine.

(By Angela Tsai and Kendra Lin)