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Taiwan should give feedback to international community: Ma

2012/04/15 23:37:50

Mbabane, April 15 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou said Sunday that Taiwan should give feedback to international community for the assistance it received over a half century ago.

"Only by doing so will we win respect from other countries," Ma said at a lunch party held in the Swazi capital with 500 Taiwan nationals from the southern African region.

"We are one of the beneficiaries of the international assistance during the 1950-1960 period, worth UNS$1.5 billion then, which would translate into over US$100 billion in today's value," Ma said.

He said that since the Republic of China is now on a par with the advanced countries in terms of its economic power, "we should try to make others feel we are an international asset rather than liability" by contributing to international assistance programs in accordance with the norms set by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, said the president.

Ma arrived in Swaziland, the last leg of his 12-day, three-nation visit, earlier in the day. He had visited Burkina Faso and The Gambia.

The objective of the visit is to solidify diplomatic ties, deepen bilateral understanding and review various joint projects in the fields of medicine, agriculture, vocational education and infrastructure development, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ma is scheduled to return Taiwan on April 18.

Taiwan recently donated 1.6 million euros to Burkina Faso to help it address the problems caused by the influx of 40,000 refugees from Mali, and US$3 million to The Gambia to help deal with a food crisis there.

(By Lee Shu-hua & Bear Lee)