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GOLDEN HORSE AWARDS: Chinese films sweep top prizes

2016/11/27 02:46:35

winners of best lead actress and actor, from left to right Ma Sichun, Fan Wei and Zhou Dongyu

Taipei, Nov. 27 (CNA) Films from China emerged as the biggest winners at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards in Taipei on Saturday, grabbing all of the major awards at what are considered the Oscars of the Chinese-speaking world.

Hohhot-born director Zhang Dalei's (張大磊) "The Summer Is Gone"(八月) picked up the night’s biggest award – best feature film– as well as best new performer for 10-year-old actor Kong Weiyi (孔維一).

The black-and-white drama, set in the 1990s in a small town in western China, is about a boy's last summer vacation before he enters junior high school. He and his friends spend their days carefree but with little to do while the adults around them are rocked by the loss of job security as China drastically reforms its state-owned enterprises.

(The Summer Is Gone trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

Chinese director Feng Xiaogang (馮小剛) won the award for best director with his melodrama "I Am Not Madame Bovary" (我不是潘金蓮), about a woman who spends a decade fighting China's legal system to have her divorce nullified after being swindled by her ex-husband.

(I Am Not Madame Bovary trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

The best lead actress award was shared by Chinese actresses Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) and Ma Sichun (馬思純) for their performances in the romantic drama "Soul Mate" (七月與安生), about two best friends whose friendship is tested and whose lives take different turns after they fall in love with the same man.

(Soul Mate trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

(Zhou and Ma)

Chinese character actor Fan Wei (范偉), meanwhile, won the best lead actor award for "Mr. No Problem" (不成問題的問題), in which Fan plays the manager of a money-losing farm outside of Chongqing in the 1940s that operates at a loss, under a facade of not having any problem.

Mei Feng (梅峰) and Huang Shi (黃石) also won best adapted screenplay for the film.

(Mr. No Problem trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

Taiwan-born actress Elaine Jin (金燕玲) won the best supporting actress award for "Mad World" (一念無明), while Taiwanese actor Austin Lin (林柏宏) won the best supporting actor award for "At Cafe 6" (六弄咖啡館).

Screenwriter Chang Yung-hsiang (張永祥), who has written some 120 movie scripts, became the first ever screenwriter to receive the Golden Horse Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday.

Myanmar-born Taiwanese director Midi Z (趙德胤) received the award for Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year.

"The Road to Mandalay" (再見瓦城), about two illegal Burmese migrants in Thailand, went into the event with six nominations.

(Midi Z)

(The Road to Mandalay trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

A complete list of winners at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards is as follows:

Best Feature Film:The Summer Is Gone

Best Documentary:Le Moulin / Huang Ya Li

Best Live Action Short Film: A Sunny Day / Ying Liang

Best Animated Short Film: Wander in the Dark / Redic Hsu

Best Animation Feature: (None)

Best Director: Feng Xiaogang / I Am Not Madame Bovary

Best Lead Actor: Fan Wei / Mr. No Problem

Best Lead Actress: Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun / Soul Mate

Best Supporting Actor:Austin Lin / At Cafe 6

(At Cafe 6 trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Jin / Mad World

(Mad World trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

Best New Director: Wong Chun / Mad World

Best New Performer: Kong Weiyi / The Summer Is Gone

Best Original Screenplay: Loong Man Hong, Thomas Ng, Mak Tin-shu / Trivisa

Best Adapted Screenplay: Mei Feng, Huang Shi / Mr. No Problem

Best Cinematography: Mark Le Ping-bing / Crosscurrent

Best Visual Effects: Douglas Hans Smith, Sam Wang, Sam Khorshid, Strilen Liu / Mojin-The Lost Legend

Best Art Direction: Chao Shih Hao / Godspeed

(Godspeed trailer from TGHFF YouTube channel)

Best Makeup & Costume Design: Stanley Cheung / Detective Chinatown

Best Action Choreography: Wu Gang / Detective Chinatown

Best Original Film Score: Lim Giong / City of Jade

Best Original Film Song: Arena Cahaya / Lyric : Zee Avi, Rendra Zawawi; Composer : Zee Avi, Rendra Zawawi; Performer : Zee Avi ( OlaBola )

Best Film Editing: Allen Leung Chin-lun, David Richardson / Trivisa

Best Sound Effects: Fang Tao, Hao Zhiyu / Crosscurrent

Audience Choice Award: I Am Not Madame Bovary

FIPRESCI Prize: The Summer Is Gone

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chang Yung-hsiang

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Midi Z / The Road to Mandalay

(Scene from "The Road to Mandalay." Photo courtesy of Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee)

(Scene from "The Road to Mandalay." Photo courtesy of Flash Forward Entertainment)

(By Christie Chen)

'The Summer Is Gone' wins best feature film
China's Zhou Dongyu, Ma Sichun win best actress
Fan Wei gets nod for best lead actor
China's Feng Xiaogang takes director prize
Elaine Jin, Austin Lin top supporting stars
Midi Z receives outstanding filmmaker award
Screenwriter Chang Yung-hsiang honored for lifetime achievement
‘I Am Not Madame Bovary’ wins audience award