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Sampling Hakka culture in Yunlin

2016/04/06 14:39:00

In the Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall.

Yunlin County is home to a group of Hakka people whose ancestors came from Zhaoan County in China's Fujian Province.

The East Market in Siluo.

The East Market in Yunlin's Siluo Township, which has been turned into a marketplace for creative industries, incorporates many Hakka features and allows visitors to sample Hakka food.

Siluo''s Yanping Road.

The art deco houses along Yanping Road, which were mostly built in the 1920s and 1930s, also reflect Siluo's past as a commercial town.

The Erlun Story House.

In the neighboring town of Erlun, a former police station built in 1899 was reopened as the Erlun Story House in 2014 as a window on Hakka culture and local Hakka cultures and a venue for artists to display their works.

The Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall.

The Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall, meanwhile, has been established in Lunbei Township and features Hakka architectural features, such as corridors built with wood structures and a circular house design that was once preferred because it was easier to defend.

In the Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall.

(By Yeh Tzu-kang and Kay Liu)