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Two Taiwan inventions win 2016 Edison Awards

2016/04/22 15:45:19

New York, April 21 (CNA) Two Taiwanese inventions won a gold medal and silver medal, respectively, at the 2016 Edison Awards in New York Thursday.

ButyFix, a biobutanol technology developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), was awarded a gold medal in the Alternative Energy category.

The technology, which has since been transferred to a new start-up Green Cellulosity Co. (鼎唐能源科技公司), uses plant cellulose as feedstock. It is the first biochemical technology for bio-butanol transportation-fuel production that has a negative carbon footprint.

According to the ITRI, ButyFix represents a breakthrough in the successful harvest of chemical energy stored in carbohydrate molecules in the form of cellulose. The key to ButyFix's technological achievement is its ability to successfully convert cellulose into butanol.

Meanwhile, X-Loupe AgileLite System, the world's first photo-oriented forensic light solution developed by Lumos Technology Co. (承奕科技), received a silver medal in the Forensics and Security category.

(By Timothy Huang and Y.F. Low)