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Five suspects arrested for telecom fraud in central Taiwan: CIB

2018/02/23 22:39:44

Photo courtesy of Criminal Investigation Bureau

Taipei, Feb. 23 (CNA) Five people have been arrested in two raids on the operational bases of a crime ring that was allegedly committing telecommunication fraud in central Taiwan against people in China, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) said Friday.

One of the five suspects, identified only by his last name Wang (王), is believed to be the ringleader, according to the CIB's Ninth Investigation Corps, which was responsible for handling the case.

The arrests were carried out in two separate raids, with Wang and his two accomplices arrested on Jan. 3 and the other suspects nabbed on Feb. 5, authorities said.

During the raids, local authorities found several pieces of equipment possibly related to the scam, ranging from laptop computers to mobile phones and fake official Chinese documents.

Details pertaining to the names and personal information of potential victims were also found in the computers, the bureau said.

According to the CIB, fraud ring members would swindle their victims by making random calls to people in China, pretending to be bank workers as well as Chinese police officers and convincing them to remit money out of their accounts.

The case was first brought to light when one of the Chinese victims, known by her last name Bai (白), reported her plight to authorities in June 2017 in Taiwan.

According to the bureau, the female victim personally flew to Taiwan to file the case after having been duped into transferring 1.3 million Chinese yuan (about US$20,480) from her bank account.

She said she came to Taiwan because authorities in China suggested that the scam probably originated on the island.

Based on the information and details provided by Bai, the CIB tracked the criminal organization for several months before launching the raids, it said.

The case has been handed over to the Taichung District Prosecutors Office for further investigation, the CIB said Friday.

(By Liu Chien-pang and Ko Lin)