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New company formed to air the public's grievances

2017/08/14 23:08:10

Taipei, Aug. 14 (CNA) A Facebook group calling itself "baoliao (tip off) commune" has been registered as a company that its owner Yeh Chang-chun (葉昌圳) said will focus on creating a platform that gives people a chance to voice their grievances.

The FB group, established in 2014, accepts offers of reports on topics and stories that are unlikely to be carried by so-called mainstream media, including celebrity news, weird but newsworthy topics, or issues of public interest.

On Aug. 1, "Baoliao Commune Co., Ltd." was approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a Taichung-based firm with paid-in capital of NT$3 million whose main businesses include information and software services, advertising, data processing and electronic information supply.

In an interview with CNA, Yeh said his management team decided to form a company early this year to give "powerless ordinary people" a platform to air their disgruntlements knowing that the media will not necessarily report on them.

In the future, the company will seek to offer free skills training to single parents as part of its social responsibility programs, but the company for the time being must first focus on covering its human resource and management costs with ad revenues, Yeh said.

He also disclosed that Facebook's algorithms do not completely fit the company's goals, and his team is developing its own apps to help with the company's efforts at sustainable operation.

Yeh stressed that his company will not renege on its promise to allow the media to use its materials free of charge because members are not media workers and they do not intend to become professional media workers.

On the other hand, he hoped his company will "co-exist" with the media by collecting public grievances that will be turned into media stories to reach a wider audience and readership.

Liu Chen-chen, a MOFA official in charge of trademarks, told CNA that the newly registered company has applied for trademarks for six titles -- Baoliao Commune (爆料公社), Baofei Commune (爆廢公社), Baojiang Commune (爆漿公社), Baoxi Commune (爆系公社) and Baoxi Story House (爆系故事館), and the English title "baoliao commune."

It will take at least five months for these trademarks to be reviewed before the company knows which ones have been accepted, Liu said.

(By Liao Yu-yang and S.C. Chang)