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Taiwan seeking record title for 'high-heel church'

2016/04/06 20:19:41

Taipei, April 6 (CNA) Taiwan is preparing to apply for Guinness World Records certification for a "church" in the southern county of Chiayi as the world's largest structure shaped like a high-heeled shoe.

The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration invited Chiayi Magistrate Chang Hua-kuan (張花冠) to be one of the witnesses Wednesday of a team sent to measure the exact size of the structure, which has become a major tourist draw.

According to the measurement, the "shoe" stands 17.76 meters tall, 11.91 meters wide and 25.16 meters long.

The information will be used to apply for the record of the world's largest high-heeled shoe-shaped structure.

Although it is called the "High-Heel Wedding Church," the glass shoe is actually an installation artwork with no religious function. It is made from over 300 panes of blue-tinted glass.

The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration has said that the design was conceived to remember the scourge of blackfoot disease in coastal areas of Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan counties in the late 1950s.

Because of the disease, a type of gangrene, many women had to have a foot amputated to survive, extinguishing their dreams of walking down a red carpet wearing pretty high-heeled shoes, it said.

"Now with this shiny structure, we hope to deliver a message of happiness to people yearning for a bright future," a spokesman for the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration said.

The "High-Heel Wedding Church" has become one of Taiwan's top tourist attractions and has received widespread international news coverage, since photos of the structure were posted on the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration's Facebook page in January.

(By Huang Kuo-fang and Elaine Hou)