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Switch glitch cause of Kaohsiung light rail train derailment

2015/10/19 19:05:29

Kaohsiung, Oct. 19 (CNA) A problem with a switch derailed a train on Kaohsiung's light rail system during a trial run Monday, according to the port city's Mass Rapid Transit Bureau.

Wu Yi-long (吳義隆), director-general of the bureau, said at a question-and-answer session with city councilors that based on preliminary findings, the derailment involved a dislocated switch, with two of the train's tires located on the up track and another two located on the down track.

The cause of the derailment was being further investigated by the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. (KRTC), the operator of the light rail system, and its Spanish contractor, CAF, Wu said.

KRTC Vice President Ho Hsin (賀新) said his company has established an emergency center to deal with the accident, adjusting the trial run of the light rail system from two tracks to one, with a headway period of 30 minutes.

Trial runs of the light rail system began Oct. 16.

After the accident occurred at the C4 stop at 12:42 p.m. Monday, the 27 passengers on the train were evacuated and transported on another train back to the C1 stop, the main terminal for the trial runs, KRTC said.

(By Wang Shu-fen and Jeffrey Wu)