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Temperatures soar to record high in Taipei, Taitung

2012/05/01 17:47:58

Taipei, May 1 (CNA) Taipei City and Taitung County on Tuesday recorded temperatures of 35.9 and 38.1 degrees Celsius, respectively, the highest this year, the Central Weather Bureau said.

In Taipei, the high was recorded in the early afternoon after warm southwestern winds blew in, with an urban heat island effect contributing to the rising mercury, the bureau said.

The same weather pattern also caused Foehn winds -- warm, dry winds -- that blew down the sheltered side of mountains into the valleys in the eastern county of Taitung, sending temperatures soaring to the fourth-highest level for that area in May, the bureau said.

More heat waves can be expected as summer approaches but temperatures might cool down islandwide Wednesday with the arrival of the first plum rains of the year, the weather bureau said.

The weather front is likely to bring heavy rainfall for the rest of week in most regions, with temperatures ranging from 21-28 degrees across the island, it forecast.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)