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Nuclear energy should remain option in future: president

2014/04/28 05:31

Taipei, April 28 (CNA) The thinking behind "mothballing" Taiwan's controversial fourth nuclear power plant is to keep the option open to future generations, President Ma Ying-jeou said late Sunday.

In a Facebook post, Ma stated the administration's decision is to discontinue work on the first reactor but will allow safety inspections to be completed. Once the inspections are over, the reactor will be mothballed.

All work will be halted on the other reactor at the power plant, the president said.

To ensure adequate supply of electricity in the future, the Executive Yuan will call a national conference on energy, he added.

Ma's post followed an afternoon meeting with city mayors and county magistrates of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) to formulate a response to mounting pressure from anti-nuclear groups and the opposition, who want the nearly completed project to be scrapped altogether.

In the post, the president said that mothballing means the fourth nuclear power plant will not bother anyone when it is not used. In case there is a need for it in the future, he said, mothballing allows the people to have an option.

"Friends who oppose nuclear power do it for the sake of their children," Ma said. "It's also for future generations that we do this."

Nuclear power as well as coal, natural gas and renewable energy should not be excluded as a option in order to create the best energy mix, he added.

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