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Son of late director gives touching tribute at memorial service

2017/07/14 19:40

Taipei, July 14 (CNA) The son of aerial filmmaker Chi Po-lin (齊柏林), who died in a helicopter crash last month, gave a moving tribute to his father at a memorial service in Taipei on Friday, in which he promised to carry forward his father's spirit.

"I have been telling myself that this is a dream and that I will wake up one day. But the dream is too real and I still have not woken up," Chi Ting-huan (齊廷洹) said at the memorial service at Taipei's Second Funeral Parlor.

"Besides his belly and his moustache, my father also left me two best things: One is called "Ren Yi" (仁義 benevolence and righteousness) and the other is called "Kuan Hou" (寬厚 generosity)," Chi said.

Chi said he will carry forward his father's spirit and do the right thing, adding that he plans to become a teacher.

"My father cared about this land from a macro perspective. I will start from the grassroots and help every child," he said.

Chi Po-lin, the acclaimed director of the 2013 documentary film "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above" (看見台灣), died on June 10 at the age of 52 when the chopper carrying him and his assistant photographer crashed in eastern Taiwan's Hualien County, killing them and the pilot.

The director and his crew were filming the sequel to "Beyond Beauty" at the time of the accident. "Beyond Beauty" shows breathtaking aerial footage of Taiwan's beautiful mountains, coastlines and farmlands, as well as man-made environmental destruction around the country.

Cinematographer Lee Ping-bing (李屏賓), who attended the service, recalled Chi as a kind, humble and sincere person.

Lee said he had advised Chi to give up aerial filming out of concern for his safety, "but he felt he hadn't completed his work yet," a tearful Lee told reporters.

The memorial service was attended by Chi's family and friends, as well as members of cultural and political circles such as former President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and his wife Chow Mei-ching (周美青), scriptwriter and director Wu Nien-jen (吳念真) and writer Chang Ta-chuen (張大春).

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), who posthumously awarded a presidential citation to Chi in recognition of his contributions, also sent flowers to the service to pay her respects to the late director.

People attending the service wore badges embroidered with an image of Chi and a helicopter. On the badge were the words: "In memory of our best friend" and "Spirit indestructible."

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