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Ma reiterates commitment to leading Taiwan down a green path

2010/05/16 19:54:31

Taipei, May 16 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou, who vowed to boostthe development of green energy in Taiwan during his electioncampaign, reiterated his belief Sunday that Taiwan must follow agreen path in the future.

On a visit to Delta Electronics, Inc., one of Taiwan's greentechnology leaders, Ma said global industrial development trends haveled the administration to give "green industries" the same importanceas the information and communications technology (ICT) sector thatdrives the country's economy.

The government he said, will help local companies in the solarenergy, LED, wind power, biofuel and electrical vehicle manufacturingsectors, among others, develop products and technologies and expandexport markets so that they can catch up with their rivals in Japanand Germany.

The president praised Delta Electronics for having pioneered thedevelopment of green technologies in Taiwan and pushing energy-savingand carbon dioxide-reduction initiatives around the country.

"Delta is worthy of praise for having enthusiastically assumedits corporate social responsibility," Ma said.

Delta Electronics founder and Chairman Bruce Cheng said hiscompany, long focused on information technology, had reenginereditself into an ET (energy technology) manufacturing group, and heurged the president to lead Taiwan into transforming itself from aleading IT nation into a global ET leader.

Cheng said his company has aggressively responded to thegovernment's "i-Taiwan 12 Development Project" initiative, part ofwhich is dedicated to the development of green technologies, and isplanning NT$20 billion (US$629 million) of new investment in Taoyuan,Hsinchu and Tainan counties.

Delta's founder summarized for the president the company'sefforts to develop green products and technologies in recent years,ranging from LED lights to photovoltaic energy systems and batteriesfor electrical vehicles.

Cheng told the president that soon after Delta Electronics wasestablished in 1971, he discovered that the efficiency of traditionallinear power supplies was generally lower than 50 percent, leading toa big waste of electricity.

It prompted him to develop switching power supplies with avoltage efficiency of over 90 percent, and the company has been theworld's largest manufacturer of switching power supplies since 2002,Cheng said.

Delta Electronics also built the world's largest solar energysystem on the roof of Kaohsiung Stadium. which served as the mainstadium in the 2009 World Games.

The roof was fit with 8,844 solar panels, which have anefficiency of 98 percent and can generate 1.1 million kWh of powerannually, he said.

Cheng also stressed his company's commitment to green building.Delta Electronics' complex in Tainan has been given a "diamond"rating, the highest possible, under Taiwan's EEWH (energy saving,ecology, waste reduction and health) green-building standard.

The facility, which relies heavily on natural ventilation anduses natural sunlight as its primary lighting source, consumes 40percent less electricity than a typical building, Cheng said.

It has also reduced water consumption by about 50 percentcompared with other similar buildings because of a water recoverysystem that can store up to 4,110 cubic meters of water, enough tomeet the facility's needs for three months.

(By Han Ting-ting and Deborah Kuo)