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Selina finalizes divorce

2016/04/28 20:28:01

Selina is seen before a concert in Taipei April 4.

Taipei, April 28 (CNA) Selina, one the three members of the Taiwanese girl group S.H.E., signed the legal papers Wednesday to finalize her divorce from her husband Chang Cheng-chung (張承中), the group's management company HIM International Music Inc. confirmed Thursday.

The marriage ended amicably after four years and there were no demands for alimony, according to reports. Selina and Chang had no children.

Chang, 43, a lawyer and manager of a professional basketball team, said on his Facebook page Thursday that he was sorry about the difficult times in his marriage but the worst was over and he and Selina had decided to go their separate ways.

He said that he had secluded himself recently because of the gossip and rumors that had surfaced after the news of the impending divorce broke.

"Other people seemed to know more about it than we did and seemed determined to come up with some sensational reasons," Chang said.

Chang said he chose to stay quiet but "those speculations were not true.

He said the marriage came at a very special time and he had entered Selina's family and entertainment circle without giving it much thought.

"Later, I reverted to myself -- a man with little entertainment interest," Chang said.

He said he did not put enough into the marriage so Selina stayed in her own familiar comfort zone.

"In the end, I couldn't change to fit into her circles, and she couldn't become part of mine," Chang said. "That was the reason (for the divorce)."

He said the divorce was Selina's idea, and he respected her wishes, but the decision had not affected their relationship.

"There is no right or wrong in a divorce, we just choose to be ourselves," Chang said.

Selina, 34, said last month in a surprise announcement that she and Chang were getting divorced because they were not getting along well and cracks had opened in their marriage.

At the time, Chang said he was losing a wife but "gaining a sister."

The news of their divorce came as surprise to their fans, particularly because their love story had touched the hearts of many.

The couple had weathered the aftermath of a tragic accident in which Selina suffered severe burns on the set of a drama that was being filmed in China in October 2010.

They got married Oct. 31, 2011, on the singer's 30th birthday.

(By Wang Ching-yi and Lilian Wu)