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Singer Selina's marriage over after 4 years, 4 months

2016/03/05 09:21:19

Selina and Chang Cheng-chung in a charity event in 2013.

Taipei, March 5 (CNA) Selina, a member of the three-women Mandopop group S.H.E., and her husband Chang Cheng-chung (張承中) have announced that their marriage is over after four years and four months.

The couple announced their divorce on their separate Facebook pages late Friday. They did not mention when the divorce was or would be finalized, with Selina saying only that they "have decided to get a divorce."

Jen, whose real name is Jen Chia-hsuan (任家萱), said that she had been "negligent" in the maintenance of her marriage and family. "After getting married, I continued to enjoy my work and focused on my career," said the 34-year-old singer.

After getting married, she said, her values have changed and is no longer a person who lives only for love.

In his Facebook post, Chang said he is to blame for the fact that their relationship has come to an end. "I should bear the lion's share of the responsibility for a failed marriage," he said, describing himself as "neither romantic nor considerate."

The two started dating nine years ago. They became lovers because they understood each other but then he "became too busy running around and took my marriage for granted," he said.

Without giving any examples, the 43-year-old lawyer and manager of a professional basketball team said that "people change and the both of us have changed."

Saying their relationship has been "reset", Chang said that they are "happier as brother and sister."

Chang and Selina got married in October 2011 after she recovered from serious burns sustained in an accident during filming in Shanghai a year earlier.

They do not have any children.

(By Wang Jing-yi and Jay Chen)