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Anti-nuclear activists to stage protests around Taiwan

2013/01/02 15:31:09

Taipei, Jan. 2 (CNA) Anti-nuclear groups will hold protests in Taipei and Kaohsiung March 9, two days ahead of the second anniversary of the disaster at Japan's Fukishima nuclear plant, the organizers said Wednesday.

The protests are expected to attract the participation of thousands of members of the public, said Wang Shun-wei, coordinator of the Taipei-based Green Citizens' Action Alliance, which is organizing the events.

She said the protests are aimed at achieving three goals -- cutting government budget for the under-construction fourth nuclear plant in New Taipei; decommissioning the existing three nuclear power plants; and reviewing disposal policies for nuclear waste.

In addition to the protests, the group is also distributing thousands of "No Nukes -- No More Fukushima" flags and encouraging people to publicize the effort by hanging them outside their homes, offices or businesses.

"It is a matter that everyone should pay attention to," Wang told CNA. "We would like to raise public awareness of this critical issue."

(By James Lee)