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Jeremy Lin asks to sleep on teammate's couch

2012/09/17 16:04:21

Taipei, Sept. 17 (CNA) Jeremy Lin, who made his former teammate Landry Fields' couch famous by sleeping on it before his NBA breakout run, recently asked to crash on his new teammate's couch until his furniture arrives at his new home in Houston.

Lin, the first NBA player of Taiwanese descent, asked Houston Rockets teammate Chandler Parsons via a phone message Sunday: "Sorry to bug you but do you think I could crash on your couch tomorrow night until my furniture comes in?"

Parsons posted the screenshot of the message on Twitter and tweeted: "Glad all that NBA money didn't change him."

The 24-year-old Lin will play for the Rockets for a three-year, US$25.1 million deal when the new NBA season begins in late October.

Lin, an undrafted Harvard graduate, sparked a global craze known as "Linsanity" in early February when he emerged from obscurity and carried the New York Knicks on a seven-game winning streak just before getting cut.

He was couch-surfing between his brother's apartment and Fields's house before being offered an upscale apartment near the Knicks' training facility.

Fields later put the photo of the couch upon which Lin slept on Twitter, drawing more than 30,000 hits within five hours.

(By Lee Yu-cheng and Jamie Wang)