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'Linsanity' will continue in Houston: Jeremy Lin

2012/07/24 22:18:38

Taipei, July 24 (CNA) NBA star Jeremy Lin, who has secured a three-year contract with the Houston Rockets, said he is ready for the new NBA season in October and said "Linsanity" is not over, according to a report published on Monday.

"The only way it will (be) is if I fade out and get worse and worse," Lin said in an exclusive interview with the San Jose Mercury News about the "Linsanity" phenomenon. "But I plan on getting better."

However, the American-born player of Taiwanese descent said "absolutely" he would love all the hype to end, but said there was "no chance" that would happen even though he is leaving the bright lights of New York.

According to the report, Lin, 24, took extra steps to remain the same person he always has been after he shot to fame for helping his previous team the New York Knicks achieve a winning streak.

He even turned down several late-night talk show appearances, limited the number of interviews he gave and gave up millions of dollars by rejecting endorsement deals.

In every news conference, he talked about his teammates, sharing the spotlight. He looked to find ways to serve them -- picking up others' trash on the team plane, volunteering to carry bags, opening doors, and starting conversations.

Lin said he would rather spend more time practicing basketball than accepting endorsement deals for commercials.

Lin's performance on the courts and his story of persevering against the odds inspired many people in the United States and elsewhere, especially Asian Americans and Taiwanese people.

The report also pointed out that signing an offer sheet with Houston was a financial sacrifice, as Lin walked away from the millions he could have gotten in the country's top market.

(By Lin Ting -yi and Hanna Liu)