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Suzhou hopes to learn from Taiwan's culture development experience

2012/05/26 17:04:02

Taipei, May 26 (CNA) A delegation from Suzhou City in China met with art workers in central Taiwan's Taichung City Friday, hoping to benefit from Taiwan's experiences in promoting the culture and creative industry.

At a center promoting Taiwan culture, Suzhou Deputy Mayor Huang Qin and other officials from the city in Jiangsu Province exchanged ideas with local poet Kang Yuan and painter Shen Kuo-ching, among others, on how to promote cultural exchanges between the two sides.

"Taiwan and China have long been close trade partners and will in the future seek exchanges on a higher level in the culture industry," Huang said.

Taiwan and Suzhou have different cultural backgrounds, and hopefully this trip will introduce Suzhou to more advanced concepts in developing the culture and creative industry, he said.

The talks were also attended by former Taichung County Magistrate Liao Yung-lai of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party and Su Chin-chiang, the center's chief executive.

"Cultural exchanges can pave the way for the building of mutual trust, as they are the common denominator that can bring together people across party lines and ideologies," said Su, who previously served as chairman of the minor opposition Taiwan Solidarity Union.

Meanwhile, a travel agency from Jiangsu's Zhouzhuang Township signed a memorandum of understanding with the Association of Taichung Travel Agency to promote bilateral travel.

Last year, Jiangsu tourists paid a total of 130,000 visits toTaiwan, while Taiwanese travelers made 1.26 million visits to Jiangsu, Taiwan Visitors Association Chairman Chou Ching-hsiung said at the signing ceremony.

The delegation visiting Taichung is part of a larger group, led by Jiangsu's Communist Party deputy chief Shi Taifeng, that arrived in Taiwan May 22 for an eight-day tour.

(By Hao Hsueh-chin and Scully Hsiao)