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Ice-cold on Yangmingshan

2011/01/16 14:29:27

Taipei, Jan. 16 (CNA) Scenic Yangmingshan, a mountain area inTaipei City's northern suburbs, was icy cold early Sunday, withtemperatures dropping to zero degrees Celsius, according to a reportfrom the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Snow pellets had fallen at a CWB observation station located atabout 800 meters above sea level in the early morning hours.

Around Taiwan, temperatures dropped to their lowest readings thiswinter early that morning due to the approach of a new cold snapcaused by a continental Arctic air mass moving in from China.

The front brought down temperatures to as low as 6.8 degreesCelsius in the coastal area of Danshui in northern Taiwan.

The mercury was 7.5 degrees in the northeastern port city ofSuao, 8.1 in the capital Taipei, 9.1 degrees in the central city ofTaichung, 9.7 degrees in the southern city of Tainan and 11-12degrees in the eastern counties of Hualien and Taitung, CWBmeteorologists said.

Daytime highs were expected to be around 13 degrees innortheastern Taiwan, 15-16 degrees in the center, 17-18 degrees inthe east and 19-20 degrees in the south, they forecast.

The mercury in low-lying areas north of Tainan was expected toremain below 10 degrees between Sunday evening and Monday morning,they said.

The cold spell was forecast to subside late Monday, according tothe weather bureau.

Meanwhile, snow began to fall on Taipingshan in the northeasterncounty of Yilan Saturday, decorating the trees on the mountain withbeautiful rime ice.

About 10 cm of snow had accumulated on the road leading to theTaipingshan Lodge, leaving some travelers stuck because they were notequipped with snow chains.

Snow was also reported to have been falling on Lalashan andTamanshan in Taoyuan County, northern Taiwan since Saturday,attracting many sightseers.

(By Wang Shu-fen, Worthy Shen, Bien Chin-feng and Deborah Kuo)