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Taiwan looks forward to enhanced competitiveness: president

2010/04/08 16:52:03

Taipei, April 8 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou said Thursday hisadministration has been actively promoting the signing of awide-reaching trade pact with China to help upgrade Taiwan's nationalcompetitiveness through participation in regional integration.

Such efforts, however, have met strong objection from theopposition camp, led by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), as itworries that the proposed economic cooperation framework agreement(ECFA) may lead to Taiwan's overreliance on the Chinese market, Masaid while meeting with Michael Porter, a leading authority incorporate strategy.

According to a Presidential Office official present at themeeting, Ma briefed the visiting American management guru on thestrategic and economic significance to Taiwan of the proposedcross-Taiwan Strait ECFA, seen as a scaled-back free trade agreement.

After listening to Ma's briefing, Porter expressed support forthe ECFA initiative and endorsed Ma's views on the pact's value toTaiwan, the official said.

During their meeting, Ma also outlined strategies "with Taiwanesecharacteristics" to accelerate the country's economic recovery thatwill contribute to Taiwan's goals of achieving high job growth,industrial innovation, energy conservation and carbon reduction, aswell as participation in regional economic integration.

As the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are still in talks on thepact, Ma solicited Porter's opinions on whether his administration'spresent strategy can effectively help upgrade Taiwan's competitiveedge and which aspects could be improved or amended, the officialsaid.

Porter was scheduled to deliver a speech later Thursday in whichhe was expected to emphasize the importance of regional integrationto economic development and to present his views on the challengesthat Taiwan may face this year and how the country can create awin-win scenario in the development of cross-strait relations,the official said.

(By Lee shu-hua and Sofia Wu)