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Taiwan-made driverless cars ready to hit the road: developer

2017/12/09 21:17:40

Photo courtesy of ARTC

Taipei, Dec. 9 (CNA) Taiwan's Automotive Research Testing Center (ARTC) is preparing to put driverless cars on the road, saying that it now has all the necessary technology to do so.

Since the ARTC first invested in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) back in 2007, it has been working toward the goal of developing driverless vehicles, it said.

In a recent interview with reporters, ARTC General Manager Huang Lung-chou (黃隆洲) said that not only has the center acquired the technological expertise to develop a driverless car, but it has also conquered the challenges associated with navigating such vehicles in real traffic.

He said the ARTC has mapped out certain controlled areas in which its driverless vehicles will operate, in order to gather more data on the vehicles' navigation, before taking them into traffic.

The ARTC said its driverless cars use 10 ADAS capabilities, including automatic parking, lane change assistance and a collision avoidance system.

In a simulation of 10 typical traffic situations, the ARTC said, it was able to show how its driverless vehicle would navigate each one.

Meanwhile, the ARTC will continue to transfer its technology to businesses and help develop driverless services at public parks, amusement parks and other recreational areas, Huang said.

Driverless vehicles use laser lights, radar and other image detection technology to figure out their surroundings, then make precise calculations to decide on the best possible navigation, according to the ARTC.

The navigation of the driverless cars uses a combination of the Internet of Things gadgets and remote monitoring, it said.

(By Tien Yu-pin and Kuan-lin Liu)