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Two astrophysicists win 2017 Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize

2017/11/23 16:25:07

Paris, Nov. 22 (CNA) Two astrophysicists were awarded the 2017 Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize in Paris Wednesday for their collaboration on the study of interstellar medium.

This year's Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize, an award co-founded by the French Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan, was awarded to Suzanne Madden and Francisca Kemper in the field of astrophysics.

The award, which included a cash prize of 38,200 euros (NT$1.35 million), was presented to the two scientists by MOST Vice Minister Tsou Yu-han (鄒幼涵) and Jean-Francois Bach of the French Academy of Sciences.

Madden, an American scientist working at France's CEA Saclay, and Kemper, a Dutch scientist working at Taiwan's Academia Sinica, have cooperated on many projects over the years with a particular focus on surveying matter and components of the galaxy.

In particular, they are studying how the galaxy came into being, focusing not just on astronomical objects but also interstellar medium (ISM), Kemper said.

One of their future research projects will look at the Magellanic Clouds in the hope of understanding more about them, she said.

The Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize is an annual award that has been given to researchers in France and Taiwan since 1999. It can be given to scientists in any field but prioritizes research that facilitates collaboration between Taiwan and France.

(By Tzeng Yi-shiuan and Kuan-lin Liu)