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Animal rescuers to share experience in protecting strays

2012/11/15 10:55:24

Taipei, Nov. 15 (CNA) Nearly 30 animal rescue volunteers will gather Saturday to share their experience in animal protection, with an art exhibition under such a theme to be held to raise the awareness about animal welfare, event organizers said Wednesday.

Among the stories that will be highlighted is one about "little moon," a black-and-white cat found on the streets with serious injuries who is now in the good hands of one of the group members, said event organizer Charlotte Chien.

The cat has served as an inspiration for many paintings which will be displayed at the gallery in downtown Taipei, Chien said.

She said aside from the paintings, a music video featuring Houtong area in northern Taiwan, also known as the "cat village" for its large number of stray cats, will be shown during the gathering to help promote the idea of adopting stray animals as pets.

Abandoned and stray animals are a big problem in Taiwan. But according to media reports, Taipei City earlier this week reported positive results in its control of stray animals.

According to city statistics, Taipei has applied the "trap, neuter and release" program to over 12,000 cats over the last seven years, which translates to preventing the births of about 70,000 cats.

A total of 207 out of over 450 boroughs in Taipei have participated in the program, the city government said.

Many cities and counties in Taiwan, however, do not have such a program. As a result many strays continue to reproduce on the streets, leading to more stray animals being born.

According to animal rights groups' estimates, around 100,000 stray animals are put to death by government-run animal shelters in Taiwan each year, because of the low adoption rate and a short 12 day period during which the animals can be adopted after being caught and taken to the shelters.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)