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Japanese, UK envoys wish Taiwanese happy Year of Dog

2018/02/15 20:57

Taipei, Feb. 15 (CNA) Envoys of Japan and the United Kingdom have expressed their best wishes for the people of Taiwan on the lunar New Year's Eve Thursday.

In a Facebook post, Japan's representative in Taiwan, Mikio Numata, said he and his staff wished the Taiwanese people a smooth and peaceful new year.

He reiterated Japan's sympathy toward the people who have been affected by the recent deadly earthquake in Hualien, extending deep condolences to those killed and comforting their families as well as those injured i the quake.

British Office Taipei's Representative Catherine Nettleton wished all Taiwanese a healthy and prosperous Year of the Dog, also in a Facebook post.

Speaking in Chinese, Nettleton thanked Taiwanese for their strong support of Britain during last summer's Taipei Universiade.

She said that her office has received more than 10,000 e-mail applications for a spot in the UK Youth Mobility Scheme last year, the most enthusiastic response to the program since its launch.

Nettleton called on "Taiwanese friends" to make use of the direct Taipei-London flight launched last December to travel, study and do business in the UK.

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農曆除夕 日英駐台機構向台灣民眾賀年 (中央社記者范正祥台北15日電)今天是農曆除夕,在 圍爐團圓的時刻,日本台灣交流協會台北事務所、英國 在台辦事處在臉書發布新年影片,向全體國人賀年。 日本台灣交流協會台北事務所代表沼田幹夫帶領工 作人員,祝福台灣民眾新年平安順利。 在賀年的同時,日本台灣交流協會台北事務所也再 次表達對於花蓮地震災害的關心,衷心向罹難者致上深 切的哀悼,並向受災戶致上誠心慰問之意。 英國在台辦事處代表唐凱琳(Catherine Nettleton)也祝台灣民眾新的一年身體健康,狗年旺 旺來。 唐凱琳說,去年台英青年交流計畫,英國在台辦事 處收到超過一萬多封的申請電郵,是計畫開始以來反應 最熱烈的一年! 希望透過去年12月開航的台北倫敦直飛 航線,新的一年會有更多台灣朋友們到英國觀光旅遊, 唸書遊學,與英國做生意。1070215