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Controversy over Lien's presence at WWII parade in Beijing lingers

2015/09/04 16:43:23

Legislator Chou Ni-an (周倪安, center)

Taipei, Sept. 4 (CNA) Former Vice President Lien Chan (連戰) has concluded his trip to Beijing after attending a massive military parade aimed at celebrating the 70th anniversary of the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, but the controversy over his China visit has not stopped there.

Eric Chu (朱立倫), chairman of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT), said Lien's case will be turned over to the party's disciplinary committee for review.

Chu noted that the stance of the government and the KMT is identical, which is to stick to the historical fact that the Nationalist government led the campaign against Japanese aggression and scored the final victory.

The KMT has asked current officials not to attend the parade, Chu said, adding that the case of the party's heavyweight attending the parade will be left for the disciplinary committee to decide. Lien has served as KMT chairman from 2000-2005.

"The KMT is a democratic party and different views will be sent to related committees such as the disciplinary and central standing committees for discussions," Chu said.

On whether he will attend a banquet held by Lien to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his marriage to Lien Fan Yu (連方瑀) Saturday night, Chu said that he has "other engagements."

Meanwhile, on Friday, former Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) and several former national policy advisers and former legislators filed a treason complaint against Lien to the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office.

Lu said that Lien's attendance of the military parade Thursday is tantamount to endorsing Beijing's claim that it played a "pivotal" role in the war of resistance, which she said had deviated from the stance of the nation.

Taiwan is adamant that the Communist troops had done very little in the war of resistance and that the Nationalist government led the campaign against Japan throughout the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).

Lien's presence in the front-row for world dignitaries on a podium overlooking Tiananmen Square to watch high-tech weapons and People's Liberation Army soldiers aimed at intimidating Taiwan, "has hurt the Republic of China, trampled on the nation's sovereignty and dignity, and betrayed the nation and the people," Lu' s office said in a new release.

Lu urged the public to file complains to the prosecutors' offices around the nation.

Legislator Chou Ni-an (周倪安) of the minor Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) also filed treason complaint against Lien with the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office Friday.

The TSU mobilized people to protest against Lien and his wife when they returned to Taiwan Thursday night.

Chou said that Lien has "betrayed Taiwan to ingratiate China," and cheered the lethal weapons in the parade with total disregard for the nation's sovereignty and the feelings of the people.

Chou said the perks accorded to Lien after stepping down from his role as vice president in 2000, including a monthly stipend of more than NT$370,000 (US$11,360) and security personnel, should also be scrapped.

(By Wang Hung-kuo, Liu Shih-yi and Lilian Wu)