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Artist looks to study of space to explore human potential

2017/10/20 21:51:48

Taipei, Oct. 20 (CNA) Sarah Pell, an artist who performs in extreme environments to simulate what it is like to be in space, said Friday in Taipei that she hopes to understand how human beings behave in those difficult surroundings and learn to evolve accordingly.

Pell said her art projects are aimed at conducting the ultimate conversation between human beings and the universe.

"I am really interested in how we can create radical feet of imagination, to create an arc of technology that builds solutions for us from sea, to summit, to space," the Australian said at a forum held by the Australian Office Taipei.

Pell said she wants to use various art forms -- from dance and performance technology to live art and commercial diving -- that "amplify human conditions" to share with her audiences her personal experiences under those science fiction-like conditions.

"My aim is to build an understanding of what it means to be alive today," according to Pell, who has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the Oct. 20-23 Art Taipei event.

Through her expeditions, people can imagine the probabilities for the future and become better than they are today, she said.

"We need to evolve and adapt to really take care of our planet so we can take care of ourselves," said Pell, who is the first female artist-astronaut candidate assigned to a suborbital spaceflight mission.

By performing under extreme circumstances, which often puts her in remote locations, Pell said she is given the chance to explore her inner-self, and realize that people have the potential to face all kinds of probabilities for the future and learn how to evolve and survive.

By pushing the boundaries, Pell said, she has also found a sense of self-empowerment, which she defined as "the courage to ask questions with conviction and being prepared to follow where they might take you."

That sense of empowerment is obtained through the willingness to undertake whatever challenges exist to search for the answer, she told CNA.

And through her art performing, Pell said she might have found part of the answer to her ultimate quest for humanity and the meaning of life.

"I think to be alive today is to be confronted, to be challenged, and to stand up and do something exciting," she said.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)