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Fengjia Night Market pays the highest business tax to government

2017/10/21 15:42:51

Image taken from Taichung Tourism Office's website

Taipei, Oct. 21 (CNA) Fengjia Night Market in Taichung city pays the highest amount of business tax among 25 popular night markets in Taiwan, the Taxation Administration under the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Saturday.

According to the MOF, 602 merchants at the night market provided receipts and the total taxes paid by the market's vendors amounted to NT$93.45 million (US$3.09 million) in 2016, the highest paid by any night market in Taiwan that year.

Both the number of merchants paying taxes and the amount of tax paid accounted for almost one third of the total across the nation.

Located near the city center and universities, the award-winning night market was selected as Taiwanese people's favorite night market in a survey carried out by Taiwan's Global Views Monthly magazine in 2013.

Compared to Fengjia Night Market, the most visited Taipei Shilin Night Market only paid NT$13.95 million in taxes, with 165 shops submitting their receipts, the MOF said.

Flower Night Market in Tainan City, meanwhile, consisted of 400 vendors, but only one of them issued receipts to customers, which indicated serious tax evasion, the MOF added.

Night markets in Taiwan are a must-see attraction for foreigners visiting the country to get a taste of traditional and authentic Taiwanese street food. But most small vendors do not normally provide receipts, meaning they do not pay taxes.

(By Huang Ya-chuan and Isabel Wang)