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Visiting Filipina actress Bela Padilla thanks OFWs

2018/06/09 21:46:40

Bela Padilla

Taipei, June 9 (CNA) Filipina actress and screenwriter Bela Padilla touched down in Taiwan Saturday to thank and meet overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) for 120th Philippine Independence Day celebrations to be held in New Taipei the next day.

Padilla told CNA that "I just want to say thank you, you know if it were not for them (OFWs), we wouldn't have the jobs we have now."

She explained that she likes to visit OFWs around the world. "Filipinos are like that, we take care of each other," Padilla said.

Bela Padilla

The actress and screenwriter also thanked OFWs all over the world for supporting her shows and the shows on the global subscription television network The Filipino Channel (TFC).

"It's nice to hear (someone say) I watched you last night, and you made me cry or you made me laugh, it's nice at least even for 30 minutes they forget their own problems and are just absorbed in your TV shows," Padilla said.

Bela Padilla

When asked if she has anything to say to the many people in Taiwan's Filipino community who take part in talent shows and competitions, she said "I love that so many Filipinos really just go out and express themselves through whatever talent God gave them."

"It's nice, you know, when we hear of OFWs who make it big because of these talent shows, it brings us a lot of pride back home, so we are very happy for them," Padilla said.

The independence day celebrations will be held Sunday at the New Taipei Metropolitan Park in the city's Sanchong District, and Padilla is scheduled to hit the stage at 1 p.m., where she will be joined by Filipino actor and comedian Negi, according to promotional materials for the event.

(By William Yen)